21 Sep 2012

Neon Wallpaper 5.0 available NOW

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The iPhone 5-ready (also iPod touch 5th gen) version of Neon Wallpaper Creator is available NOW, utilizing the extra real-estate of the 1136px high screen. Version 5 also contains an impressive array of in-App content:

  • Photo FX
  • Cartoon Maker
  • Hope Maker
  • Animated GIF Maker

Available NOW, free to existing users (update via the App Store), or for $2.99 / £1.99 from the App Store.

Promo Landscape Image:

Pre/Post Creation In App Screenshot:

24 Mar 2011

Cartoonizer for iPhone – Coming Soon

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Coming to an iPhone/iPod touch near you soon – Cartoonizer…

Create a cartoon-style image from any of the pictures in your Photo Library (or use your camera if your device has one).

Once you’re satisfied with the result, you can save the image to your Photo Library, or post straight to Facebook and/or Twitter direct from the app, or email out to your friends and family.

Hopefully on the App Store by 1st April – it’s in for approval right now…

Cartoonizer Demo Preview MOVIE
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04 Feb 2011

Neon Wallpaper Creator for Android NOW AVAILABLE

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As of 4th February 2011, Android owners can now have the same custom wallpapers created that their iPhone cousins have – Neon Wallpaper, the worlds best selling iPhone wallpaper app (over 200,000 copies sold, top 500 all time iPhone app ahead of TomTom and FIFA!), is now available in the Android Marketplace.

Neon on Android Marketplace

18 Jan 2011

Neon Wallpaper Creator for ANDROID

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Coming very soon, the Android conversion of the worlds most popular iPhone Wallpaper Customization utility – Neon Wallpaper/Backgrounds Creator.

With over 200,000 copies sold, and a staggering 19 million custom images produced worldwide, Neon Wallpaper Creator gives you the power to customize your handset in an instant with a few flicks of your finger.

Place your own text on top of the backdrop (your name, your number, or indeed anything else you can think of!); with 20 backdrops that are dynamically updated at regular intervals (or use your own photos and images from your Photo Library), 160 static built-in backdrops, 30+ fonts, 20 font colours, and 18 font effects (including the original Neon), there are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations you could create. Preview the result, and if you’re satisfied, save it to your Gallery and set it as your wallpaper. You can also share your image via Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a sneak (beta) preview of the ‘main’ screen [other screens coming shortly into beta, including Logo, Dynamic, and Custom (customise your own photos)].

Neon Wallpaper for Android – BETA Movie Link

09 Dec 2010

iTimer & iTimer LITE – Now Available

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As per our post yesterday, Apple have approved for sale iTimer.

iTimer can be downloaded via THIS LINK.

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08 Dec 2010

iTimer – One Touch Alarm (+ Clock) – COMING SOON

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Fingers crossed, by mid-December Apple will have approved our latest app, iTimer (and iTimer LITE) – the simplest way to a countdown there is on the iPhone.  Use it for a taking a powernap, timing your cooking, timing a sport, or whatever you want (or just use it as a clock!)…

Simply open the app, and the timer begins counting down.  Whilst counting down, a mini-clock appears below the counter, or you can flip the view to be a full size clock with date.  Once time is up, the phone vibrates and sounds an alarm, at which point naturally you can turn it off.

Of course, you can choose the time interval, the alarm sound, and you can also choose to turn off auto-countdown (which negates the One Touch Alarm functionality) or simply have the app function as a clock (the clock doesn’t get interfered with by the screen lock either, unlike other clock apps).  You can even choose to have the app automatically post a ‘busy’ status to your Facebook wall whenever the counter starts counting down!  It’s also Retina display ready, so looks ultra sharp on the latest iPod touch and iPhone 4.

iTimer will be priced at $0.99 / £0.59 (tier 1 pricing), iTimer LITE will be free (iAd supported, with some features limited).

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19 Oct 2010

Phone stuck?! Time for a reset…

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One of these two methods should work if you’re frozen out:

  1. If your iPhone appears to be completely frozen, try holding the Home button for six seconds and this will usually return you to the Home screen where you can continue whatever it was you were doing before the iPhone froze up.
  2. If the first technique didn’t work, here’s another reset method. Simply hold the Wake/Sleep button along with the Home Button at the same time to reset your iPhone. Continue to press and hold these two buttons until the black and white Apple logo shows up on screen. When this happens, you can let go, your iPhone is now rebooting.

If these don’t work, Google for DFU and do a hard restore (but you’ll lose stuff past your last backup).

08 Oct 2010

NFL Madden 11 (Android) – NOT GUILTY!

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It has come to our attention that there is a game out for Android called Madden NFL 11 – and that it is seriously flawed/buggy, to the point where lots of owners are asking for a refund (it’s $7.99). However, the company behind it is listed as AppVision (via EA). THIS GAME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH APPVISION LTD (UK). Please direct all correspondence to EA in your local country. Thanks.

26 Aug 2010

Neon 3.1.1 (iOS 4.0.2 fix) update now available

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The latest version of Neon, 3.1.1, is now available for download (free upgrade to existing users). This supercedes version 3.1, and iPod touch users on iOS 4.0.2 should upgrade immediately to this new version to regain Classic tab functionality. iPhone owners need not upgrade, as the bug was only on iPod touch with 4.0.2.

Many thanks to the users who pointed this out to us, unfortunately 3.1 was developed and submitted before 4.0.2 came out, hence we had no way of testing it against that particular device/iOS combination.

08 Jul 2010

Neon v3.0 now available!

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Neon Wallpaper Creator, version 3.0, is now available as a free upgrade to existing users via the App Store. The update includes:

  • 640*960 HD compatibility
  • APNS push notifications
  • UI changes
  • New ‘Ice’ effect

Get it now from the App Store via THIS LINK.

Click the image below to see a full size 640*960 image.