08 Dec 2010

iTimer – One Touch Alarm (+ Clock) – COMING SOON

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Fingers crossed, by mid-December Apple will have approved our latest app, iTimer (and iTimer LITE) – the simplest way to a countdown there is on the iPhone.  Use it for a taking a powernap, timing your cooking, timing a sport, or whatever you want (or just use it as a clock!)…

Simply open the app, and the timer begins counting down.  Whilst counting down, a mini-clock appears below the counter, or you can flip the view to be a full size clock with date.  Once time is up, the phone vibrates and sounds an alarm, at which point naturally you can turn it off.

Of course, you can choose the time interval, the alarm sound, and you can also choose to turn off auto-countdown (which negates the One Touch Alarm functionality) or simply have the app function as a clock (the clock doesn’t get interfered with by the screen lock either, unlike other clock apps).  You can even choose to have the app automatically post a ‘busy’ status to your Facebook wall whenever the counter starts counting down!  It’s also Retina display ready, so looks ultra sharp on the latest iPod touch and iPhone 4.

iTimer will be priced at $0.99 / £0.59 (tier 1 pricing), iTimer LITE will be free (iAd supported, with some features limited).

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